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Types of Figure Skating Dresses - Choose the Right One!

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Types of figure skating dresses - test and competition dresses

Figure skating outfits are the most important part of a figure skater’s arsenal. However, there is a huge difference between practice and performance dresses. Practice costumes must be resistant and comfortable, allowing to learn new figures and routines. Competition dresses must match a certain performance routine perfectly, including the story and chosen music theme. Indeed, the ice skating dresses a girl wears during a show can make or break the deal, helping her win or making her lose points based on how well their style complements her program.

Essential Types of Figure Skating Costumes

For a figure skater aiming for performance, the wardrobe typically includes three essential types of figure skating dresses: practice outfits, test costumes, and pretty skating dresses for competitions.

Practice Figure Skating Outfits

Types of figure skating dresses - practice figure skating outfits

The key to competition success is hard work and hours of practice on the ice. It is important to become the master of routines, and the only way to do that is by wearing comfortable, warm clothing.

In terms of style, practice figure skating dresses are very different from the competition ones; they’re very simple and made from resistant fabrics. Where a competition dress is usually made from “noble” materials such as satin, organza, or chiffon, practice dresses are often made from simple spandex or polar fleece.

Spandex — also known as Lycra or elastane — is a resilient material known for its elasticity. It has the ability to expand up to seven times without losing its integrity and is ideal for wearing during pre- and post-practice workouts as well as during the practice of your routine. Although synthetic, spandex is highly breathable, and its moisture-wicking properties will provide a comfortable fit for a long time.

Polar fleece is a material developed with figure skaters in mind. Soft, warm, and slightly stretchy, it is highly breathable and allows moisture to evaporate quickly.

Ice skating suits made from engineered fabrics are another great choice. Considering that you’ll train for hours in a cool environment, this type of fabric will help a girl to stay warm without hindering her mobility or comfort.

When choosing practice outfits, it is recommended to choose comfort overlooks. A regular fit is often preferred over a too snug one as a girl will wear this outfit every day for several hours.

Test Dresses for Ice Skating

Types of figure skating dresses - test dresses

Perhaps, the most neglected type of figure skater outfits, test dresses play a crucial role in your way to success.

This type of dress is half-way between a practice and a performance dress. It is typically used when practicing in front of judges to determine a level of proficiency, and it must be simple and functional.

When choosing a test dress, it is important to remember that it shouldn’t distract judges from the performance but rather highlight it. A solid color, snug fit dress without decorations or details is the best bet.

Stay away from dresses that show too much cleavage, especially if the routine involves a lot of Biellmann spins.

Spandex is again a great choice in terms of materials, or a girl could go for acrylic or nylon.

Competition Figure Skating Dresses

Types of figure skating dresses - competition dresses

Unlike the test dress that must be rather anonymous, a competition figure skating dress must complement the routine and impress the judges. Indeed, when performing in a competition, the outfit can win or lose points based on how well it matches the routine, music, and overall story a girl wants to tell.

When it comes to choosing the perfect competition dress, you can unleash your imagination and choose from a variety of bright colors and original styles. Glitter, pearls, crystals, and other accessories can also decorate the dress.

While most competition dresses are made from comfortable materials like spandex or acrylic, they are often enriched with materials including chiffon, georgette, or velvet details.

Customized figure skating dresses are perhaps the best bet, as it is easy to really match an outfit with the personality and routine. A thing to remember, though, is that a skater can lose points if pieces of her costume drop onto the ice.

In other words, it is recommended to steer clear from feathers, fringes, and other decorations that might fall during skating around the rink.

Getting the Right Figure Skating Dresses

Professional figure skating apparel is often expensive; that’s why learning how to get the right dress, and finding a trustworthy supplier is essential.

Besides choosing the right materials, as explained above, it is a good idea to pay attention to sizes. It is generally recommended to opt for a comfortable yet snug fit rather than looser clothes as the latter may jeopardize the skating routine.

Manufacturing skating dresses requires precision and attention to detail, especially when skating competition apparel is involved. For this reason, experts recommend buying outfits from reputable suppliers known for the quality of their fabrics and garments.

An online store where to buy figure skating dresses in all peace of mind is Gymnastics Fantastic. Focusing on providing high-quality RG leotards and dresses, we propose a wide range of ready-to-wear or bespoke outfits for training, test, and competitions. There are engineered fabrics and a selection of styles at competitive prices. You can customize most of the dresses in the store.

Wrapping It All Up

Whether you’re an amateur or a figure skater aiming for international recognition, understanding the difference between the various types of dresses and learning how to choose the most appropriate ones for training, test, or competitions is crucial.

Despite the essential differences in styles and materials, each type of outfit plays an important role in any skater’s career.

Buying from a reputable skating store such as Gymnastics Fantastic is your best bet if you want to invest in high-quality practice outfits that’ll last for years and outstanding competition dresses or suits capable of impressing even the most demanding judges.

Offering a wide range of outfits to choose from, Gymnastics Fantastic is internationally acclaimed for its figure skating dresses, leotards, and other sportswear. To discuss your outfit needs, to place an order, or for more information about national and international shipping, please send us an email at We aim to respond within a day and commit to helping you climb the ladder to figure skating success!

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